Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Trademarks, Copyright), are those awarded to people in order to protect their creations, obtaining exclusive rights over the use and defense of their works for a given time.


Artists, inventors, businessmen or any individual wishing to protect their ideas, images,

processes, etc., need the services of an Expert Firm in Intellectual Property (IP).


Sepúlveda Núñez has been in this legal business for over 50 years, our vast experience has offered high quality legal advise related to IP in Mexico, Latin America, the United States,

Europe and Asia.


We seek to be at the forefront and strengthen the services to our clients; that is why we are pleased to announce the merger with our colleagues from Ingenia Trademarks and Patents and their experienced work team, as well as integrating their technological infraestructure and the trajectory of more than 27 years attending topics in the field, both for large, medium and small businesses.


To strengthen the services that we have so far provided to you and give greater legal certainty to the exercise of your industrial property rights of your business, our firms, meeting the challenges that present and future times demand to overcome in te National-International competition, we offer you the following added values at no cost to you:


  1. Surveillance for opposition system and timely notices to defend the inventory of trademarks of each of our clients, in case of requests that affect and confuse.
  2. The specialized management system of trademarks, patents and copyrights.
  3. Timely notice of expiration of rights of each of your trademarks
  4. Consulting and online consultation, free of charge.
  5. Advice for the revaluation of the intangible assets of your company in Mexico
  6. In addition to a new modular scheme of legal defense of rights, in which only pay the contentious - legal services they receive.

Why should we protect ourselves?

Nowadays we live in such an economically competitive world that if we fail to have an Intellectual Property Registration, our competitors will take advantage and illegally produce, use and trade goods or services affecting our efforts and investments.

Having a Patent Registration, Trademark or Copyright, enables us to proceed legally against infringers who perform illegal competition.


Our team is your team

We have a highly qualified and expert team in Intellectual Property, capable of assisting  and satisfying our client’s’ requirements and needs, not only in Spanish, but also in German and

English languages.



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